ENDA SEERY “RAINING NOTES” (English version)

Indipendent. CD, 2018

by Alessandro Nobis

He comes from the County of Westmeath and this “Raining notes” is his third brilliant album that follows “The Winding ClocK” of 2010 and “Síocháin na Tuaithe: Peace of the Countryside” of 2013; I’m talking about Enda Seery, flautist, pianist, composer, singer and not least a music teacher. Listening to this excellent work takes us into the purest Irish tradition and the repertoire is a journey into the rhythms and melodies of the extraordinary musical casket of this land.

The arrangements are simple and effective, the instruments they accompany – the double bass by Aidan Guilfoyle, the guitar and the banjo by John Byrne – do it in an elegant and precise way, leaving space for the flutes of Seery. The repertoire includes original compositions written in the respect of tradition, pieces of oral tradition and others of composers that have given a great contribution to Irish music: among the first ones I point out the medley of initial slides “The Smell of Freshly Cut Grass / Kelleher’s / The Derravaragh “A traditional between two Seery originals and performed on the transverse flute, among the latter the set of dance air” The Hunt “for solo flute in the first part accompanied in the second by the piano, among the latter a composition of Peadar O ‘ Riada (“Cà bhfull an Solas”) combined with an original and two songs by the violinist of the Stockton’s Wing group Maurice Lennon (of the two magnificent the waltz “On Leaving Lough Melvin’s Shore”) which also writes the explanatory notes. Finally, I point out a song that struck me for its sweetness where the guitar accompanies the tin whistle in the two-gig set “The Windway, Paddy’s Whiskers”, the first original the second traditional.
The secular vein of traditional Irish music is anything but self-referential and conservative but is instead very lively and full of talents that with their precious work carry on in time, renewing it also with new compositions. Like Enda Seery for example.